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Artist Statement

Born in China in 1996, I blend my Eastern roots with my Western education from the California College of the Arts to forge a distinctive visual narrative. As a graduate with a BFA in 2018, my works are deeply influenced by contemporary and social issues, specifically the ambivalent relationship between humanity and technology. Drawing from my unique dichotomous educational background, my artwork oscillates between the theme of "tech-addiction" and boundaries of humanity and automation.


Drawing inspiration from films such as "Matrix" and "Blade Runner 2049" that delve into the discourse surrounding consciousness and robotics, the Humanbot series plays on the blurred boundaries between humans and robots. My belief is that both humans and robots are creations, destined to undergo a process of conscious awakening. Consequently, the entire series is crafted around the concept that "humans are essentially robots."


In the Grid series, the pervasive influence of smartphone technology is critiqued. I observe an unsettling trend where genuine human interaction diminishes as 'tech-addiction' rises. Using grid systems symbolic of the internet and face recognition technology, I transform familiar faces into emotionless visages, reflecting a future where technology might not just aid but define human identity.


The Screen series navigates our complex relationship with everyday devices. While these screens connect us, paradoxically, they also deepen our isolation. Through this series, I employ transparent plastic as metaphoric screens, urging viewers to look beyond the virtual realm and maintain tangible connections with the real world.


Collectively, my art serves as a visual commentary, a reflection of our societal trajectory. I challenge viewers to confront the burgeoning dominance of technology, asking whether we control it, or if it has begun to control us. As I paint, I beckon the audience to reflect, reconsider, and reconnect with the organic essence of human existence.

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